Signs That Your Wooden Fence Requires Replacement

Besides complementing the features of your landscape, wooden fences are aesthetically appealing. However, they can quickly become an eyesore if you fail to maintain them. Therefore, if the appearance of your fence has deteriorated, you should hire a fencing company for its replacement. Below are four signs that you need to replace your wooden fence:

The Fence Is Slanting

If your fence is slanting, its structure could be compromised. Gradually, your fence may lean entirely, posing a risk of property damage or injury if it falls on a person or pet. Moreover, the fence may have warped boards due to many years of service, and a repair may not be a feasible option. Thus, if your wooden fence is slanting, even if only in several sections, you should schedule an appointment with a fencing specialist for its replacement.

The Wood Is Rotting

Gray or yellow stains indicate that your fence could be rotting, likely due to the wood retaining moisture. In addition, mould growth on the fence may accelerate the rot as mould feeds on organic matter. Consequently, rot weakens your fence, causing it to be less stable and resulting in a leaning, unsightly fence. It is thus wise to engage a fencing company to put a new fence in place and service it regularly to help ensure its longevity.

Split and Missing Boards

While you can viably and cost-efficiently replace a missing board in your fence, the cost of replacing multiple boards can stack up and become quite expensive. Unfortunately, your fence is prone to wear and tear due to exposure to different weather conditions during its service. Furthermore, fasteners may loosen and fall off, resulting in gaps in your fence that distort its appearance and provide a way into and out of your property. Accordingly, you need to hire a fencing technician to replace your fence so that it serves its purpose.

Physical Damage

If your fence sustains damage, e.g., from road excavation or impact by a vehicle that rams into it, it could require replacement. In other cases, a storm accompanied by strong winds may uproot a tree and cause it to fall over the fence. Wood-boring insects and other microorganisms may also eat through the fence, causing small holes that spread and weaken the fence's integrity over time.

It is crucial that you replace an aging or damaged fence. To this end, you need to contact a fencing professional to install the new fencing, eliminating the need for constant repairs.

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